2021-2022 Notion Daily agenda

Notion Daily Agenda 2022

Creating a routine is one of the most important things that helped me get and keep my shit/life together. If you’ve read Atomic Habits you’ll get what I mean (and if you haven’t seriously go read it or listen to it). So, I wanted an easy way to manage my routines and habits and the stuff that I want and need to do every single day. Like taking my meds, tracking my sleep and checking whether it’s my turn to cook and what I’m gonna cook.

Last year around June I created a databased that I called Agenda with a single page for every day in the year. I wanted to share it right away, but then I told myself I should test it for an adequate period of time first. (also I was super lazy). Anyway, here we go a year later. And I’m finally sharing what you can use as a nucleus around which you can build stuff like a meal planner, a habit tracker, a journal, a mood tracker or whatever you need to do every day.

The Agenda

Quick Preview

This Notion Agenda has pages for all the days in 2021(so you can test and mess with those)and all the days in 2022. All the pages have icons indicating the day of the month. What I think you’ll like most though is the navigation. I used one of the techniques I described in the last post to create this navigation menu

As you can see, You can select what days to display depending on the year, the week and the month.

The selected set of days can then be viewed as a table view, a board view a gallery view or a calendar view.

Here are all the ways I can view Last Month for example

The Agenda Variation

The agenda template is available in 4 different variations:

  • Week start: Sunday with light theme
  • Week start: Sunday with dark theme
  • Week start: Monday with light theme
  • Week start: Monday with dark theme

Get the Notion Daily Agenda

The template is available here on Gumroad for free for a week (till October 7th, 2021). And after that, you can get it for $5.

Get the Template Now

Need More customization?

If you have an idea in mind that you want me to transform it into an advanced template feel free to get in touch.

As always, your questions and suggestions are very welcome!