About me

Hi, I'm Shorouk! That means sunshine in Arabic
I'm an Egyptian Software Developer. I'm also a language learner, a traveller and a full-time tech nerd. And most importantly, a chronic organizer, seriously, I'm the Monica Geller of my family and friends!

I first started writing when I was 8. Published a magazine with my best friend when I was 9 (by published I mean 4 copies or was it just 2 ? ). Blogging started when I was 14-ish it was in Arabic and it had 5 readers. okay, maybe 10! but I enjoyed doing it. and made great friends out of it. the topics back then were way different though. This Blog is for sharing the geeky and non-geeky stuff that I tried and liked or developed myself. and, some tutorials as well. You can find my portfolio here and you can get in touch from here.   You can also check my other blog about travelling to Egypt from here

shorouk abdelaziz