About me

Hi, I'm Shorouk! That means sunshine in Arabic
I'm an Egyptian Software Developer. I'm also a language learner, a traveller and a full-time tech nerd. And most importantly, a chronic organizer, seriously, I'm the Monica Geller of my family and friends!

I first started writing when I was 8. Published a magazine with my best friend when I was 9 (by published I mean 4 copies or was it just 2 ? ). Blogging started when I was 14-ish it was in Arabic and it had 5 readers. okay, maybe 10! but I enjoyed doing it. and made great friends out of it. the topics back then were way different though. This Blog is for sharing the geeky and non-geeky stuff that I tried and liked or developed myself. and, some tutorials as well. You can find my portfolio here and you can get in touch from here

shorouk abdelaziz