50 Editable Notion.so Cover Images for all your pages

Last year I published these two posts 20 Notion Covers to make your pages stand out & 30 More Notion Covers for Beautiful Pages and Templates containing downloadable cover images for Notion.so. Though I’m not a professional graphic designer, I do enjoy designing stuff. So, here comes a new covers pack with a more simplistic and material-ish design. What I really think you will like is that I’m also sharing the Canva file as a template. So you can easily copy these designs edit them the way you want maybe changes some colors, icons, fonts or even easily create new covers from the existing ones by duplicating and editing the covers.

Here’s a List of all the covers

  1. archive
  2. Birthdays
  3. Blogging
  5. Books
  6. Bucket List
  7. Business
  8. Calendar
  9. chores
  10. courses
  11. Daily Tracker
  12. Dashboard
  13. Diary
  14. drug store
  15. Events
  16. Finance
  17. Gifts
  18. Goals
  19. grocery
  20. health and wellness
  21. home projects
  22. Home wiki
  23. Home
  24. Ideas
  25. Inbox
  26. Journal
  27. Kindle Highlights
  28. Meal Planner
  29. Mood tracker
  30. Movies
  31. My Plants
  32. My Trips
  33. Notebooks
  34. Notes
  35. Packing List
  36. people
  37. Personal
  38. Personal (2)
  39. Personal Wiki
  40. Planner
  41. Projects
  42. Reading List
  43. Recipe Manager
  44. Tasks
  45. Transactions
  46. Travel
  47. Trip Planner
  48. Wallets
  49. Wishlist
  50. workouts

You can browse all the covers down below

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Download & Edit Notion Covers

Feel free to download and edit these covers for your personal use. Or, you can copy them into your Canva account so you can edit them. both options are available on Gumroad

Download from Gumroad

New suggestions are always welcome.

Happy Notioning!

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50 Editable Notion Cover Images